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The Aegis System™ Non-physical Crisis De-escalation

This course is the e-Learning edition of the standard Aegis De-escalation Training (Sections 1-3 of The Aegis System™). This course does not cover the Physical Intervention Training component of Aegis (Section 4 classroom, Escapes, and Aegis Holds). There is no online learning solution that meets the performance-based standards of staff certification in any physical Aegis technique.
The eLearning course may stand alone as a full De-escalation Training for any staff or fit into a blended learning offering that compliments in-person physical skills training by certified Aegis Trainers. Guidelines and Training Scripts for this blended learning option are now available on the Aegis Client Portal.  

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Course contents

Meet the instructor

Matt Smith

Matt is a nationally recognized crisis intervention expert and has been interviewed on podcasts, radio, and quoted in print in various news articles to talk about crisis de-escalation and keeping organizations safe from workplace violence. 
Patrick Jones - Course author